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Aperture Shutter Framing ... Lovely!

Most of the times our hobby turns serious and we use it to support our web development or to get our clients into the spotlight.

A splendid website calls for nice media and at times we contract web development service and end up with a client for Visuals. Or vice versa. We love it. Who doesn't?!

We keep an eye on what's new in film and photo and sometimes we take it to the blog and write about it. We like to do sports, cars, bikes, concerts and virtually any kind of event of any size. We recently covered Harley Davidson's Owners Group event in Abu Dhabi so take a look at some of the works.

Out clients always look better than their clients... Stefania, is our favourite tennis player. She is nine and she dreams of becoming a WTA champion. We're documenting her growth in tennis and not only and we follow her in various tennis events.

Skreemin' Egulz is when biking meets music in front of our lenses. They are our favorite rock band in the city and we follow them when they're touring. Check out the links to meet Chris, Andy, Craig, Scotty and Elie.