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Welcome to Cubicle Apps Blog

Fri, 04 Jul 2014

This article is a statement of the intention we, Cubicle Apps, have to bring this blog to: the place, where we will add our articles, generally related to tech stuff, things we work on, and business talks.

Cubicle Apps is a poliglot web and mobile development / coding studio. We are excited to open this set of blog posts, related to tech stuffs, projects we work on, and general business talks.

As an early teaser, here is a bit of our technology stack:

  • We code on Macs and deploy on Linux. Thus, Ubuntu, nginx, unicorn and PostgreSQL are part of our core skills and we'll certanly be happy to share the experience with you.
  • So what do we code?
    For the web: we are proud to embrace Ruby on Rails on the server side, and be fresh on frontend with Ember.js. There is an unexploated ground on articles related to Ember.js, and we'll give it some attention with some tutorials using ember-cli, the "Ember command line utility for ambitious web applications".

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